Metro Community Ministries, Inc. a national, community based, nonprofit organization committed to building the capacity of community, youth and family structures to acquired success.  Through a focused provision of support and developmental efforts, Metro will utilize education, employment, foundational development and creative enhancements to assist communities to overcome adversities in meeting tomorrow’s goals today.


Communities that reflect strength, opportunity and prosperity; creating a unified pathway to success.

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Urban Leaders – GO!

A career focused program designed to serve youth ages 15-18 in all four regions. The program will focus on five core areas of service: case management and support; alternatives to violence; mentoring and leadership development; paid/subsidized work experience, internships or on the job training; and educational placements.

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“As a Workforce Development strategy, we train our staff in situational leadership as they embark upon a training cycle that prepares them for a unique form of Resource Management that employs behavioral change techniques to guide their purpose: Changing the cultural narrative of the Workforce… Transforming Tomorrow…Today!”

~ Linda Womack, CEO


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Philadelphia, PA

Riverside, CA

Fayetteville, NC

Phoenix, AZ

Fresno, CA

MCMI is committed to serving those that are forgotten, marginalized and frequently overlooked towards opportunities for success.  As a national organization, we serve out of school (OST) youth, reentry population, unemployed individuals, those living in neighborhoods impacted by high levels of crime and poverty, and ethnic ‘minorities’.